Kamis, 18 Desember 2014

Creation Presentation on Dec 5th 2014 
By DIII Fashion Design 2012 
Surabaya State University

Alhamdulillah God give me Best of The Best of the day

I look stupid at that time because I felt sad but happy
I am very pleased with the success we all..give applauseee :)
and thanks God , you give me two friends were always there beside me.. Dian dan Amira

 Also my boy friend..the only one, **
and the people who matter most in my life , my family,that can make me stand here..even though they dont get to watch directly
 Big thanks for the best model for your participation and respect to me,, i hope we will meet again :)
Thanks for other partner of Ardy Management and mas Ardy also :)
then, my beautiful lecture of Cipta Karya bu Mar dan bu Inang {} thanks for guiding us ,also board of JURY .we proud of you

last, all my friends {}

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